Negligence Causing Electrical Burns

Apr 25

Electrical burns are serious health hazards that may drastically damage skin tissue at the site of the burn, and further damage internal tissue and the heart. Depending on how severe these injuries may be, a person may require emergency medical care and long-term assistance to recover from their burns. These injuries may be caused by a variety of safety concerns, which may be linked to another person’s negligent or neglectful conduct.

Electrical Burns from Dangerous Property

The owner or manager of a piece of property is considered legally responsible for injuries that happen to occur on that property because of a lack of maintenance or unsafe property management practices. This means that a property owner may be held responsible for a variety of causes of electrical burns, fires, or more serious accidents like the explosion in Waco, TX. Faulty wiring or electric currents left uncovered may be causes of electrical burns, and may be considered to be the fault of a property owner or manager for not properly removing safety threats.

Electrical Burns from Defective Products

In order to generate enough electrical power to significantly burn a person, there must be a serious electrical defect in a product. Defects with car batteries, large electronics, and other electrical devices may cause currents to run through a person near or handling those products. A manufacturer’s responsibility to provide safe consumer goods, and a defect causing an electrical burn clearly represents a violation of that basic safety concern.

Considering Legal Action for an Electrical Burn

No one should have to suffer from injuries due to someone else’s negligence. Electrical burns are painful and can result in serious injury or even death.

If you’ve sustained an electrical burn because of a property owner or product manufacturer’s mistakes, there may be legal options available to pursue financial compensation for the treatment and recovery costs associated with these injuries. To learn more about the details of these compensation claims and how they may be able to help you with your medical expenses, contact a personal injury attorney today.

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State-to-State Technicalities of Dog Bite Laws

Oct 08

Dog attacks and dog bites can be traumatizing to victims and their families. Attacks often occur unexpectedly to the owner and victim alike. Legally, owners of violent dogs can be held liable for damages done to others. Dog bite laws, however, vary from state-to-state, so the process of getting compensated for expenses relating to dog bite injuries can be complex.

Some states have a law called the “One-Bite Rule.” This rule basically allows the dog owner to assume that their dog is harmless until proven otherwise. Once the dog bites someone, or proves that it somehow poses a threat to others, the owner is responsible for preventing, or compensating for, the risk that their dog poses to others. States that adhere to the one-bite rule are Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming.

In addition to the one-bite rule, the definition of “owner” varies from state-to-state. Some states, like Minnesota, hold the keeper of the dog responsible. The dog’s keeper is whoever is in direct custody or control of the dog. For example, if the owner takes the dog to get groomed, the groomer becomes liable for damages that the dog inflicts. However, in other states, the owner is always responsible for their dog’s actions, no matter who is harboring it.

Owners can be protected from compensating injured parties if the victim provoked the attack. Alarming a dog can trigger primal defensive reactions that could cause the dog to go into a protective mode of action. Additionally, trespassers often aren’t favored by a jury when trying to collect money for dog bite injuries. In most states, owners aren’t responsible for warning trespassers of possible risks, especially if the canine’s primary function is to serve as a guard dog.

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Twitter Settles Lawsuit with TweetAdder

May 28

twitter lawsuitTwitter has settled a lawsuit with TweetAdder, a company that makes Twitter account management software that has been accused of fostering spam on the popular microblogging site.

Aspects of TweetAdder’s product were found to be in violation of Twitter’s terms of service. TweetAdder made it simple to tweet repeatedly on multiple accounts, spamming the site with messages from its customers.

Twitter is in similar litigation with four other companies, but those have not yet reached settlements. A previous settlement with a different “spammer” company drove that one out of business.

In the settlement, TweetAdder and its employees have agreed to no longer violate Twitter’s terms of service, especially its rules against spamming.

Here’s an update on Twitter rivalry with other social media networks and it’s upcoming IPO. Check it out on Google Plus and please share!

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Sikh Man Files Gun Control Lawsuit

Mar 28

gun control californiaA California Sikh man has filed a lawsuit claiming that the state’s gun control measures are unconstitutional on the grounds that they impede on his ability to practice his religion.

The man is using a doctrine of the Sikh faith that says they should be able to possess all sorts of weapons in order to defend themselves from attack. Many Sikhs wear ceremonial daggers in their turbans to meet this requirement, but the man filing the suit believes that the requirement extends beyond that.

He asserts that he does not feel safe or able to protect his family if he is prohibited from freely and lawfully possessing assault weapons and guns with high capacity magazines. Such weapons are illegal under California law.

The lawsuit claims that California’s ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines infringes Second and Fourteenth amendment rights as well.


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Subway Restaurants Sued over Sandwich Lengths

Jan 23

Fast food sandwich restaurant Subway is facing a lawsuit that accuses it of falsely advertising its footlong sandwiches.

The suit asserts that the sandwiches, which it claims are advertised as a foot long, or twelve inches, do not measure up when put next to a ruler. Many customers have been receiving readings between ten and 11 inches when they measure the length of their sandwiches.

The lawsuit is seeking class-action status and aims for $5 million in damages.

footlong sub sandwichSubway says it uses the term “footlong” as a descriptor and that it is not meant to be taken literally. However, when the company sells its smaller “six inch” subs, it cuts the footlong bread in half, which implies the bread was 12 inches to begin with. The company also claims that the length of the bread varies as it is baked.

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Info On All Of Those GranuFlo Lawsuits

Dec 31

Diabetes patients and others often experience kidney dysfunction which can quickly become life threatening without proper medical intervention. With the assistance of kidney dialysis, the process of removing toxins and waste materials from the bloodstream can be essentially outsourced to artificial means, allowing the patient to avoid serious complications despite their kidneys failing to effectively screen their blood. Dialysis has saved countless lives since it has been implemented in the medical community, and is a staple of diabetes treatment as well as various other issues.

In order to work effectively, dialysis requires the synthetic filtering, screening, and treating of the blood to remove the harmful toxins present in it from the body, and then recirculate this blood into the bloodstream. Among various products used to achieve this goal was the dry acid concentrate GranuFlo, which was implemented for many years until the dangers of it’s use were discovered. While effectively neutralizing PH imbalances in the blood, GranuFlo simultaneously causes an enormous increase in bicarbonates in the blood stream. This increase puts patients at serious risk of cardiovascular and pulmonary problems such as heart attack, stroke, arrhythmia and high blood pressure.

There are enormous costs associated with such injuries and illnesses, and the victims are often left in serious financial distress due to these unforeseen costs. Fortunately, a GranuFlo lawsuit in civil court can help to compensate the patient for their losses by holding the responsible party, the negligent manufacturer, directly responsible for the injuries incurred as a result of the use of a dangerous product. As GranuFlo has already been issued a Class 1 recall by the Food and Drug Administration, the dangerous nature of the product is well documented and simple to demonstrate in court, allowing claimants a solid case against the manufacturer.

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Wrong Site Surgery

Dec 31

Levinson Axelrod, P.A.As patients, we trust that medical professionals have our best interests in mind and that they will act in a responsible manner. This is important because patients frequently submit to the care of medical professionals, which is especially true during surgical procedures. Regrettably, medical workers do not always act in a safe manner and sometimes cause patients unnecessary injuries due to negligence. Invasive procedures can be extremely risky and painful even when they are successful. Surgical errors can cause injuries that should have been avoidable and which will likely force additional losses on the patient in the form of additional injuries and medical treatments. Victims of wrong site surgery may be able to hold the responsible medical professional liable for their trauma, hospital bills, and other losses.

Common Causes of Wrong Site Surgery

Although such injuries may seem like rare mistakes, some studies estimate that multiple wrong site surgeries occur in the United States every single day. Medical errors of this nature have the potential to cause patients lasting and adverse harm that should be preventable. Following are several common reasons that wrong site surgery occurs:

  • Surgeon fails to communicate with the patient before the operation
  • Multiple surgeons on a single procedure who fail to communicate
  • Lack of surgical protocol to double-check the details of the operation
  • Surgical team is forced to operate quickly

According to the website of the Law Offices of Paul Levin, the injuries sustained from a wrong site surgery depend on the error that was committed, which may be reparable or may cause permanent damage. Whatever injury a victim sustained, they may have legal recourse to hold the negligent medical worker liable for their trauma, medical bills, and other losses.

If you were injured due to a medical professionals wrong site surgery, you should consider taking legal action against that individual. A New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Attorney can review your case and advise you on your available options for pursuing the financial compensation that you may deserve.

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Insurance Claims

Dec 07

The majority of car owners pay for and rely on their insurance coverage to provide them with a measure of financial security in the event of a collision. Insurance premiums cost drivers large amounts of money every year, and so they expect to be supported by their companies in the event of an accident. Regrettably, some insurance companies try to avoid fully compensating drivers for the expenses incurred by an automotive accident. This dishonest behavior puts drivers in an unexpectedly difficult situation where they must pay out of pocket for car repairs and medical bills. Car accidents can be extremely stressful and traumatic, which can make it difficult for people whose insurance companies arent supporting them to find a way out of their predicament. Fortunately, insurance companies who are acting in bad faith may be held accountable for their illicit behavior by the insurant.

Insurance Claim Coverage

Automotive accidents can have a significant toll on individuals and families, disrupting their lives, wages, and well being. One way insurants can recover from some of their losses is by filing claims to cover damages, such as the following:

  • Personal injuries
  • Medical expenses
  • Vehicle and other property damage
  • Collision repairs
  • Uninsured or under insured drivers

Many people do not have the means to pay for such expenses out of pocket, which is why they pay for insurance in the first place. When an insurance company wrongfully denies a claim or refuses to provide the full amount of compensation, the insurant may be able to take legal action in order to pursue financial compensation for their losses.

Legal Options

Insurance policy holders who have their claim wrongfully denied should not have to shoulder the expenses of their accident alone. Fortunately, they can take legal action to ensure that their insurance company honors their policy. If you are considering going to court over a wrongfully denied claim, it may be in your best interest to enlist the services of a proficient car accident lawyer who can help you pursue the compensation that you may deserve.

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Identity Theft

Nov 15

Visit Our HomepageIdentity theft can be defined as using someone elses personal information or credit for financial gain, and it has become a serious concern for many people in this modern day and age. The prevalence of the internet and mobile, multimedia devices in many peoples lives has increased the risk that private information can be illegally accessed and used by other parties. Identity thieves have no regard for an anonymous victims credit or financial security, both of which could be ruined through their illegal usage. It is frequently difficult for people to recover from such unexpected setbacks, especially if they are having trouble proving how their personal information was compromised. Fortunately, they may have the opportunity to take legal action in order to protect themselves and to hold the perpetrators accountable for their criminal behavior.

Managing the Effects of Identity Theft

One of the most effective ways to quickly resolve the complicated disputes that frequently arise as a result of identity theft is to enlist the services of a qualified attorney, who can provide victims of identity theft with a measure of influence over their predicament. Some of the services that an attorney can offer are as follows:

  • Officially reporting the theft
  • Taking measures to minimize the damage to credit and finances
  • Monitoring your credit for unusual or fraudulent charges
  • Holding the accountable party liable for their actions

It is important to act quickly if you suspect that your personal information has been compromised, as enlisting legal help as early as possible can help prevent unnecessary damage to your finances and credit.

Legal Options

If you have been the victim of identity theft, you may want to consider taking legal action as soon as possible. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you protect your credit and finances while holding the responsible party liable for your losses.

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Options For Treating Bladder Cancer

Nov 13

Every year across the nation, hundreds of thousands of individuals are either harmed or killed due to a pharmaceutical defect. When prescription drugs are not thoroughly tested before hitting the market, they can potentially cause serious or even fatal damage. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently reported that the drug Actos has been linked to bladder cancer. Actos is a popular drug used to help Type 2 diabetes patients manage their symptoms; however, patients who take the drug may have a greater risk of developing bladder cancer in the future.

Although many prescription drugs have some type of side effect, consumers were given no warning about the risk of bladder cancer with Actos. And while bladder cancer can be a very serious side effect, there are treatment options available.

Bladder Cancer Treatment

Like most cancers, the treatment options available for bladder cancer patients varies from case to case and depends on the stage of the cancer and whether or not it has spread. It is important to seek medical care as soon as possible if you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer to learn about your treatment options. Some of the most common options include the following:

  • Chemotherapy targeted at the site
  • Radiation
  • Surgery to remove tumors that are not penetrating the muscle
  • Surgery to remove the bladder

Exploring all of your available options is very important if you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer. However, you should also make sure to take care of your finances by taking legal action against the pharmaceutical company responsible for making Actos.

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To learn more about how you can take action and fight for financial compensation, make sure you get in touch with an experienced and skilled Actos lawyer as soon as possible to take control of your future.

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